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1 Guest 10th Jan 63% 79 FRENCH to ENGLISH
2 Guest 17th May 100% 93 SPANISH to ENGLISH
3 Guest 17th May 84% 115 SPANISH to ENGLISH
4 Guest 17th May 57% 209 SPANISH to ENGLISH
5 compton 7th May 96% 57 FRENCH to ENGLISH

The Intergalactic Language Quiz

Test and expand your vocab in one of five languages: French, Italian, German, Polish or Urdu.
Choose a language by clicking French, Italian, Polish, German or Urdu at the top. By default, questions are in English and answers must use the other language. Click the circular green arrows to give your answers in English and see the questions in the other language.
When you're ready, click START and ten words will be chosen at random from the Kuxas online database.
You will see the question word spelt out, then you must type that word in the other language, letter by letter.

Use the = key to reveal the next letter - but the effect on your score is the same as pressing five wrong letters, so use it sparingly!
Click repeat to do the quiz again with the same questions Clicking refresh will load a whole new set of questions Click reverse to keep the same questions, but do the quiz in the other direction