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Fri 15 May 2009

Nasa's Space Shuttle Atlantis Transiting the Sun

The following image shows the space shuttle Atlantis in transit across the sun. It was taken on Tuesday, 12th May 2009, by some froggy-sounding geezer called Thierry Legault, about 100 Km south of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA:

Here's another image from the sequence, which lasted 4 seconds in total, the shutter firing four times every second with an exposure of 1/8000 sec, ISO 100:

In the lower left of the above picture, the Atlantis appears close to the Hubble Space Telescope, in the process of docking in order to perform repairs.

The time the shuttle actually spent in transit across the sun as viewed from Earth was a miniscule 0.8 seconds, the image only being possible thanks to the predictive accuracy of modern computer software.

Also of interest are his images of Atlantis and the International Space Station (ISS) transiting the sun 50 mins after the shuttle undocked from the station, taken from France on 17th September 2006.
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